Target Groups (TG1/TG2)




Candidates may apply up to a maximum of 3 host universities.

Candidates may apply through one (and only one) of the target groups (TG1/TG2). This project does not support TG3.

All applications will be assessed against the following eligibility criteria. All applications that do not meet ALL of the eligibility criteria (for the type of grant being applied to) will not be further considered. A claim period will follow the publication of the ineligible applications.

Short-listed applications will be assessed against the following selection (award) criteria. All applications will be assigned a final score (FS). Grants will be awarded in open competition in order of FS and taking into account the vacant places assigned to each of the host universities.

Pre-selected candidates will be required to submit supporting documents for ALL the merits included in their applications. Should any of the required supporting documents not be submitted by the established deadline, the application will be automatically discarded. Vacant grants will be awarded to candidates in the reserve list (sorted by FS) until all grants are awarded.

Call for Applications

THELXINOE grants will be offered in 3 cohorts. Grants of all types (doctorate, postdoc, staff) may be offered in all cohorts. All long-duration grants (doctorate – 20 months) will be offered in first cohort only. Applicants may apply for grants in all cohorts. Applicants may be awarded one grant only during the project’s life.

  • 15/11/2013 Call opening !!  — further information will be posted on this page in October/November 2013.
  • 15/02/2014 Call closing
  • 28/02/2014 Selections results
  • Sep-Dec 2014 Mobility starts


  • 15/11/2014 Call opening
  • 15/02/2015 Call closing
  • 28/02/2015 Selections results
  • Sep-Dec 2015 Mobility starts


  • 15/11/2015 Call opening
  • 15/02/2016 Call closing
  • 28/02/2016 Selections results
  • Sep-Dec 2016 Mobility starts

THELXINOE Short Traineeship Period (STP)


Offering “short traineeship periods” (internships) with a duration of 1-3 months at a company, research institute, public body, NGO, etc. of choice, and in line with the specific professional profile and research interests of each grantee so that grantees extend their accumulated work experience (if any) in the field of “smart cities”.

THELXINOE Career center (CC)


Offering academic/professional advice along the project duration and beyond so as to help grantees increasing their actual employability in line with nowadays marketplace rapidly-shifting trends in the field of “smart cities” while facilitating potential employers the search for the most talented experts in such professional field.